• Select “Signatures

    • This screen allows you to create your preferred settings for E-Signing for 1040s,KBA Authorization for 1040s, ERO Signatures for e-file Authorization, Enable e-file for Business Returns, and it also allows for adding multiple office addresses should clients opt to mail forms.
    • The following five E-Signature categories have setting options:
    • 1040 Forms
      • E-Sign all returns - This will allow for e-File authorization on all forms even if the states in the tax return have NOT formally approved E-Signatures on their e-File authorization forms
      • E-Sign when all included returns are allowed
        • Enable E-Signing if all the states in the tax return have formally approved E-Signatures on their e-File authorization forms
        • Currently the only is New York
        • When this option is selected, and one of the above states is included in the tax return, it will revert to manual sign and return
      • Manually sign all returns
    • 1040 Knowledge Based Authentication
      • Currently, the IRS and all states require Knowledge Based Authentication
    • ERO Signatures on e-file Authorization Forms
      • Having the ERO E-Sign the 8879 creates additional work and complexity that is not needed.
        • You can enable "Use Signature Stamp"  feature by creating a stamp that can be placed on return. 
        • You can create an stamp by following the  Signature Stamp Guide
        • After the stamp is created you would "Upload" it under "My Settings" under the Settings Icon. ( Explained in Guide) 
      • You can "Enable Signer Delegation" which allows delegated users to apply the signature stamp of the authorized user.
      • You can choose to "Use E-Signature" which the ERO/Signer will E-sign authorization forms as the last signer in sequence. (i.e. only after the taxpayer and spouse have E-signed)

Please note: If the Partner/ERO needs to sign first, place a block signature onto the document before adding to SafeSend Returns

    • Once your selections have been made, click “Apply”
    • Manual Signature Options allows you to select alternate Return Mailing Addresses for your clients, should they choose to manually sign their forms and either mail or fax them back
      • Click “Edit Return Addresses”
      • This will allow you to Edit, Add or Delete existing addresses
      • Users will be able to access these alternate addresses options in their User Settings

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