Online Payment Required or Scheduled for Automatic Withdrawal

  • To add a payment that is an Online payment required or scheduled for automatic withdrawal, you must go under the "vouchers" tab.
  • Go to Vouchers tab and click "add payment" from the "Actions." 
  • This will a pull up a blank document with the following panes to be filled in:
    • Authority
    • Payment Type
    • Due Date
    • Voucher Amount
    • Form Name ( This is what the Client will see)
    • Select drop down menu
  • Please Note: When you select Online Payment Require that it will automatically link the corresponding site based on the Authority selected. 
  • After filling in the information select "Save Changes"

  • After hitting "Save Changes" the Voucher will now show under Pages on the left hand side with Form Name that was entered. 
  • There will also be an image generated showing that the Voucher was created. 
  • This is also same image that will be shown for the Voucher on the Clients end. 

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