Delivery Options

Delivery Options:

  • Taxpayer Dashboard
    • “Contact Person” allows you to decide who appears the contact person for the taxpayer. You may select any User in the Drop Down.

  • Message From Preparer
    • You can add a message from the Preparer that will appear to the taxpayer after they have completed the authentication screen.
    • Clicking “Add” will open an HTML editor, allowing you to add hyperlinks, adjust font size, color of text, etc.
    • Once your message has been completed, click “Update” and you will be taken back to the Delivery Options tab
      • Once a message has been added, the “Add” button is removed and an “Edit” button appears

  • Taxpayer Preview
    • You are able to preview the taxpayer experience prior to delivery, to assist with the review process. Clicking “Taxpayer Preview” will open a new Tab or Window and you will see exactly what your taxpayer will see

Email Notifications

  • Deliver First to: Here you can select who the return will be delivered to first either Taxpayer or Spouse.

  • Sender Name: You can select who the email notifications come from within the firm
    • These notifications include: Initial Notification, Voucher Reminders, Download E-Signed Form

Please note: the email address will always be

  • Notify When Signing is Complete: You can decide who in the firm will receive any signing event notifications.
    • These notifications include: Your tax return is signed by all signers, Opted out of signature, e-file authorization forms received


  • Vouchers
    • Send Voucher Reminders: You can elect to send Voucher Reminders between 1-30 days prior to Due Date. The default is 7 days prior to Due Date

  • Signature Options
    • E-Sign: Your taxpayer will be able to either e-sign their e-file authorizations or they will be able to opt out and manually sign and return them to you
    • Manual Sign and Return: This option removes the ability for your taxpayer to e-sign their e-file authorizations. Their only option will be to download and return to you (they will still be able to upload directly into SafeSend Returns, allowing you the ability to download)

  • Manual Sign and Return
    • Mailing Address: You can decide what address and fax number your clients sees, should they decide to manually return their e-file authorizations
    • These addresses are added in Settings/Signatures

Send to Review, Send to Partner, Approve for Delivery, Deliver to Client:

  • When you have finished processing a return and are ready to send it out for either review or to the client, click “Finished” in the lower right corner
  • You will be immediately prompted to either:
    • Send to another user for review: you will choose among a list of all users
    • Send to Partner: this will go directly to the Partner chosen during the submission process
      • If you are the Partner, you will not see this option
    • Approve for Delivery: This will update the status of the return from “Processing” or “In Review” to “Approved for Delivery”
    • Deliver to Client: This will trigger the initial notification to your taxpayer or spouse that their return is ready for review and e-signing
      • Once this is selected, the return will move out of Assignments and into Delivered Returns


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