Delivery Options

Delivery Options


DeliveryOptions2.pngTaxpayer Dashboard

  1. Taxpayer Preview will open up a new tab that will let you see the return from the taxpayer's perspective.
  2. Contact Person allows you to decide who appears as the contact person for the taxpayer. You may select any User in the drop-down.
  3. Message From Preparer
    • You can add a message from the preparer that will appear to the taxpayer after they have completed the authentication screen.
    • You can select a message from the drop-down.
    • You can click 'New' in order to open an HTML editor, allowing you to create a new message to the recipient and add hyperlinks, adjust the font size, the color of text, etc.
    • View/Edit: opens an HTML editor allowing you to edit an existing message; add hyperlinks, adjust the font size, the color of text, etc.
      • Once your message has been completed, click “Update” and you will be taken back to the Delivery Options tab
      • Once a message has been added, the “View” button is removed and an “Edit” button appears



Tax Return Watermarks

This section will display the current default watermark or, if blank, allow you to select a watermark to apply to the taxpayer's Client Copy.



Custom Column: [NAME]

This section will show the default value the return will have in the Delivered Returns report under your firm's custom column if you have one set up.  You may set a default, enter a new value, or leave it blank.



Email Notifications


  • Deliver First to: Here you can select who the return will be delivered to first either Taxpayer or Spouse.  This option only appears for Joint Filed Returns.
  • Sender Name: You can select whose name is on the email notifications that the client will receive.
    • These notifications include Initial Notification, Voucher Reminders, and Download E-Signed Form.
    • Please note: the email address will always be and cannot be changed.
  • Notify When Signing is Complete: You can decide who in the firm will receive any signing event notifications.
    • These notifications include: Your tax return is signed by all signers, Opted out of signature, e-file authorization forms received.




  • You can toggle the voucher reminders on or off before sending the return, depending on preference. 
  • You can turn the reminders on or off after delivery by visiting the Actions drop-down in Delivered Returns.
  • Remind before/after: provides a list of options for reminder length.  Available reminders range from 1 day to 30 days.  The default in SafeSend Returns is 7 days.
  • Voucher Reminders will be sent the chosen number of days before the voucher due date.
  • Signing Reminders will be sent the chosen number of days after the last reminder or initial email was sent.

Modify Retention Period

This section allows you to modify how long SafeSend Returns will keep a return.  You have a date range from 1 month to 7 years.  You may also mark the return as an Attest Client.


Signature Options


  • E-Sign: The taxpayer will enter their KBA information and, once successful, they will be able to digitally enter their signature onto the E-File Authorization forms.
  • Manual Sign and Return: This option removes the ability for your taxpayer to e-sign their e-file authorizations. Their only option will be to download and return to you (they will still be able to upload directly into SafeSend Returns, allowing you the ability to download).
      • When a Tax Return is set to be manually signed by the taxpayer, you will be able to apply your ERO Signature Stamps to the E-File forms during processing under the E-File Tab.

Mailing Address

You can decide what address and fax number your clients sees, should they decide to manually return their e-file authorizations outside of our program.

    • These addresses are added in Settings > Signatures.



Finish Return Processing


  • When you have finished processing a return and are ready to send it out for either review or to the client, click “Finish” in the lower right corner.
  • You will be immediately prompted to either:
    • Send to another user for review: you will choose among a list of users.
    • Send to Partner: this will go directly to the Partner chosen during the submission process.
      • If you are the Partner the return is assigned to, you will not see this option.
    • Approve for Delivery: This will update the status of the return from “Processing” or “In Review” to “Approved for Delivery”.
    • Deliver to Client: This will trigger the initial notification to your taxpayer or spouse that their return is ready for review and e-signing.
      • Once this is selected, the return will move out of Assignments and into Delivered Returns.
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