Individual User Settings

  •  Start by clicking the Settings Gear in the upper right of the screen, next to your name and select “My Settings”

  • My Defaults - From here you are able to do the following items from under My Defaults:
    • Choose your Default Mailing Return Address ( This will be the address provided to Clients that choose to mail in their manually signed e-file forms)
    • Default ERO/Signer
    • Default Contact Person
    • Default Sender Name
    • Default Notify About Signing Events

  • My Notifications - You may also choose from the following notifications you would like to receive from My Notifications:
    • Return Ready for Processing
    • Approved for Delivery
    • Return Assigned to Me 

  • My Signature Stamp - This is where the ERO/Signer can upload a personalized signature stamp. 
    • They can also choose here to "automatically place my signature stamp on e-file forms" by selecting the box at the bottom.

IMPORTANT: The signature must be within the size range of 300 x 100 px and be either an jpeg, tiff, png, or bmp. 

  • Once you have selected all of your settings select "Save Changes" at the bottom. 

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