General Information

  • Login to SafeSend Returns
  • When you login, the default view screen is “My Assignments” – this will list any and all returns that have been assigned to you but have not yet been delivered to the taxpayer.
  • Select “All Assignments” to see a list of the tax returns that have not yet been assigned to anyone for processing.

  • To begin processing a return, you will need to print the “Client Copy” of the return to PDF directly from ProSystem fx

IMPORTANT: These must be in their original PDF format as produced by ProSystem fx. SafeSend Returns will NOT work with tax returns that have been scanned to PDF format.

  • It is recommended that the PDF file name include the Client ID number, though this is not mandatory
  • Do NOT redact SSN from Page 1 of the 1040
  • If you are using the new Bookmark Structure in ProSystem fx v.2015.03050, your returns will still be recognized regardless of which version you are using or which Bookmark Structure


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