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The Reports section allows you to manage delivered and archived returns, check K-1 status and scheduled reminders, and manage deleted items. 

Expanding Reports shows you the following options: 


Delivered Returns

When a return is successfully delivered to the taxpayer, it is moved to the Delivered Returns section where you can view and manage them. The following article outlines the available Delivered Returns section actions:

Action Icons (Delivered Returns Report)


Filter Options

The column headers can be used to filter the Delivered Returns report. You can apply, save, and clear filters to change which returns are displayed. The filters can be saved for quick access. 

NOTE: The tax year filter is automatically be applied to show the most recent tax year returns. 


A. Apply the most recent filter that was used. 

  • Click the drop-down option next to the filter funnel.
  • Click the Apply recent filter button to remove all filters. 

B. Save a currently applied filter. 

  • Use the column headers to filter the displayed reports in the Delivered Returns section. 
  • Click the drop-down option next to the filter funnel.
  • Click Save current filter.
  • Enter a filter name. 
  • Click Save to add the filter to your saved filters list. 

C. Clear any applied filters. 

  • Click the drop-down option next to the filter funnel.
  • Click the Clear Filter button to remove all filters including the tax year filter. 

D. Saved Filters. 

  • Click the drop-down option next to the filter funnel.
  • Click one of your saved filters to:
    • Apply it to the Delivered Returns section. 
    • Set it as a default for whenever you visit the Delivered Returns section. 
    • Delete the saved filter. 


Status Column

The status column indicates where in the process the taxpayer is. You can filter delivered returns by status: 

  • Click the Status column to expand it.
  • Select the status(es) you want displayed.  
  • Only returns with the selected status(es) are displayed. 


  • E-SIGNED: The return is signed by the taxpayer(s) and documents are ready for download.
  • MANUALLY SIGNED: The return was downloaded, printed, signed, and returned to the firm by hand. This status must be assigned manually. 
  • UPLOADED: The return was downloaded, printed, signed, and uploaded back to SafeSend Returns and documents are ready for download. This indicates the taxpayer followed the manual signing process. 
  • AWAITING E-SIGN: One or more taxpayers have not yet e-signed their e-file authorization(s). If this status is grey, no one has e-signed. If the status is blue, the first signer has completed e-signing, but not the second.
  • AWAITING UPLOAD: The taxpayer(s) have not signed and uploaded their e-file authorization(s). This indicates the taxpayer is following the manual signing process. 
  • SIGNED AND E-SIGNED: There are multiple signers, and one has e-signed while the other manually signed.
  • DELIVERED TO TAXCADDY©: The return was successfully delivered in TaxCaddy© and the taxpayer(s) will sign in TaxCaddy©. 
  • TAXCADDY© DELIVERY FAILED: The return was not successfully delivered in TaxCaddy©.
    and the return should be recalled and reprocessed; see Recall a Return.
  • ALTERNATE DELIVERY: The return was collated using the Download PDF Finish option and is available for download. 
  • ALTERNATE AND UPLOADED: The return was collated using the Download PDF Finish option and signed documents were also uploaded by the firm. 

Export to Excel

You can export the entire Delivered Returns Report as an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Click the Export to Excel button. 
  • An Excel file showing all of the displayed rows/columns is created and downloaded. 


Archive Returns

You can move completed returns to the Archive Returns section to help keep your Delivered Returns report more organized (recommended). This section contains all of the same options as the Delivered Returns report, plus a Restore option. 


  • Locate the completed return in the Delivered Returns section under Reports in the left panel. 
  • Check the box to the left of the taxpayer's name.
  • Click Archive above.
  • Click Confirm to move the return to the Archive Returns section. 



You can restore a document from the Archive Returns section if necessary. 

  • Navigate to the Archived Returns section under Reports in the left panel. 
  • Check the box to the left of the taxpayer's name.
  • Click Restore above.
  • Click Confirm to move the return(s) back to the Delivered Returns section. 



K-1 Delivery Report

You can view and export K-1 status data. The filter options are the same for this section as they are for the delivered and archived returns sections. 

  • Navigate to the K1 Delivered Status section under Reports in the left panel. 
  • Entity returns are listed. The report provides a breakdown of the percentages of K1s delivered and downloaded. 
  • Under the Action column there are two options:
    • Click Client View (blue eye icon) to open the client view just like in the Delivered Returns report.
    • Click K1 Partner Updates (green person icon) to display a breakdown of shareholder information for that return.




Reminder Management

You can view scheduled and delivered voucher reminder emails in the Reminder Management section under Reports.

A. Enter a From Date: The starting period for your report.

B. Enter a To Date: The ending period for your report.

C. Click Filter to display scheduled and delivered reminders for the selected date range. 

D. The filtered reminder report displays below. You can further filter the report using the column headers. 


Recycle Bin

Delivered or Archived returns that are deleted are moved to the Recycle Bin.

The line data is retained for tracking purposes, but any signed e-file forms are not available for download. Taxpayers and users no longer have access to these returns.



These returns can be restored, which moves the return to the section it was deleted from. 

  • Navigate to the Recycle Bin under Reports in the left panel.
  • Check the box to the left of the taxpayer's name.
  • Click the Restore button above.
  • Click Confirm to restore the return(s).
  • The return is moved back to the Delivered or Archived Returns section.  


Permanently Delete 


There is no way to restore these deleted returns; once they are deleted from the Recycle Bin, they cannot be recovered.

  • Navigate to the Recycle Bin section under Reports in the left panel. 
  • Click the check the box next to the return to be deleted. 
  • Click Delete.
  • Click Confirm to delete the item permanently. 




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