Adding Voucher Payments

SSR captures tax payment information from bookmarked vouchers. When payments are Scheduled for Automatic Withdrawal or Online Payment is Required, vouchers do not print from the printing program into the PDF. This feature in SSR will allow you to add a Voucher for these two situations and effectively communicate the payment requirements to the taxpayer.

A.) Adding Payments:


  1. From the Vouchers tab, select “Add Payment” (green and white plus button).
  2. A new window will appear to the right of the button.
  3. Select Authority:
    • Select from the dropdown or begin typing the authority and it will auto-fill.
  4. The payment type will be displayed on the left; fill out the corresponding information in the same line item. 
  5. Enter form Name. 
  6. Enter Due Date.
    • The date will default to the current date and must be updated to correspond to the actual voucher due date. 
  7. Enter Voucher Amount in whole dollars without commas.
  8. Select the Watermark (Voucher Type). 
    • mceclip4.png
    • DO NOT PAY: Scheduled for automatic withdrawal.
    • Online payment required.
    • Add Custom.
      • Add up to 50 characters of unique instructional text. 
  9. Enter the online payment URL (only iff Online Payment Required is selected).
    • The URL text box will be blank, but once selected you can choose from default options.
    • This URL can also be edited; you can add your own URL.
    • mceclip5.png
  10. Select “Add” to save this voucher.


B.) Editing Payments


  1. The Form name will appear in the list view.
  2. An image of what the taxpayer will see is displayed in the middle of the page.
    1. NOTE: This page will also be included in the PDF files (Vouchers) delivered to the taxpayer.
  3. You can modify any amounts listed in Voucher Details on the right.
  4. Select Update to apply any edits you've made.  Cancel will revert the voucher back to before the edits were made.
  5. Used to Delete a Payment that was manually added by selecting the 'Deleted' Group.


C.) User View


  1. Select the Client Info Tab.
  2. The payment will be listed.

D.) Taxpayer View

Initial Login Page


The taxpayer will see the payment due on the left-hand Summary panel when they initially log in.


Pay Screen


  1. The taxpayer navigates to the Pay screen.
  2. Clear instructions for “DO NOT PAY: Scheduled for automatic withdrawal”.
  3. Select the “Pay Online (Required)” button.
    1. Displays the standard dialog with a link to the URL you provided.
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