Client Info Tab (Tax Return Processing)

Client Info


Refunds & Payments Due


  • On the left of the screen, you will see “Refunds & Payments Due”. Below this, you will see any Refunds in green and any payments due in red.
  • You may also click the red X next to the Refund or Payment Due to delete the value immediately.
    • In the case of Refunds, this will delete all pages associated with the Authority, including the Refund and Amount Applied.


  • Should any of this information need to be edited, click on which line item needs to change and move to the bottom right of the screen, where you will see another window listed as “Refunds & Payments Due”. This is your editing window for these line items.  You are able to edit:
    • Authority
    • Amount
    • Whether this is a Refund or a Payment Due
  • These changes will be reflected in the upper left window immediately.
  • Once Editing is complete, click "Update".


Return Information


  • In this action pane, please verify that the following fields are correct
    • Client ID
    • ERO / Signer
    • Engagement Type
    • Tax Year
    • If this is a joint return, the “Married Filing Joint” check box will be checked and there will be Spouse information listed below the Taxpayer information


Taxpayer & Spouse



  • Before moving on to the next tabs, please confirm/enter the following information:
    • Name: Extracted from the return.
    • Address, City, State, ZIP: Extracted from the return.
    • DOB: Not required, but can be entered.  This is required for IRS Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) requirements.  If you do not provide it, the Taxpayer and/or Spouse will be required to enter it before initiating the KBA process to verify their identities.
    • Mobile: If you have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) turned on for your clients, entering a phone number here will send Access Codes to their mobile device instead of to their email address. This will be saved for future use. You do not have to enter the mobile number for the second signer, as the first signer can input that before delivery.
    • Email: You will need to enter the email address for your Primary Recipient and select them for the initial email recipient under "Delivery Options."  You do not have to enter the email address for the second signer, as the first signer can input that before delivery.
    • Deceased: Check the box if the taxpayer or spouse is deceased.  It will bypass e-signature processes for that signer.

Once Client Info has been verified and mandatory fields have been entered, click “Next” across the bottom or select the “Group” tab across the top (both actions move you to the next step in the process).  Click here to go to the Group Tab article.


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