Where do KBA questions originate from?

KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) works from static internal databases from a company named LexisNexis.  They will search their databases and come up with a list of questions for the client. These questions are tied to the client based on the information they are asked to enter before they are able to sign the document.

LexisNexis receives information for their databases from any place of public record.  This includes Credit Reporting Agencies and companies like Uber, cell phone providers, etc. All in all, they pool data from over 400 different sources. We have no control over the sources that they pull from.

While they do receive information from Credit Reporting Agencies, they are not doing a credit pull, soft or hard, every time there is a request. Instead, every month they get new information from all of their sources. It is important to note that using the "Knowledge-Based Authentication" does NOT affect a taxpayer's credit in any way.

We are not able to ask Lexis Nexis to change any of the information they have in their database. They will need the client to request the change. They can do so by disputing any information in their report here:


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