Recalling a Return in UltraTax

The recall option is used when there is a correction to be made to the client's tax return or an update needs to be made. 

The UltraTax Integration is not an option for returns that are recalled. 


When a return is recalled, any signed documents will no longer be available for download, and the taxpayer will be prompted to sign again upon delivery.


Recalling a Return

  1. Click the Delivered or Archived section under Reports to locate the return. 
  2. Click the More (...) option to the right side of the desired return.
  3. Click Recall Return.
  4. Click Confirm


Reupload or Reprocess

  • Click All Assignments under the Assigments section to locate the return. 
  • The return status shows Recalled.
  • You have four actions available:

A. Click the purple Reprocess Return button to reprocess the return without re-uploading.

B. Click the gray Upload Corrected Return button to upload a new return in its place.

C. Click the yellow Client Tracking button to see the history of the return.

D. Click the red Delete button to delete it entirely. There will be no record of the return if it is deleted, and you will still be charged for the return. 



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